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Testimonials from some of my past pupils

Libby MellLibby Mell
The LD workbook and website are great.
The LD workbook and website are great. They allowed me to learn the theory of each driving topic. This meant I got the most out of my lessons with Alan.

Kate Wimbush Kate Wimbush
Calm and supportive
Thank you so much for the lessons. I’ve found them so helpful in giving me the confidence to make the transition from the basic driving I’d done to being very well prepared for my test. Your calm and supportive approach was just what I needed. 

I passed with Alan’s help!
I contacted Alan in the run up to my test to get in some last minute help. He helped me perfect my manoeuvres and adjust a few things in how I drove by getting me to look at how I was doing things. I was really nervous on test day but Alan really helped with his calm approach and the examiner said it was a great smooth drive. I cannot recommend Alan enough.